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Representing Accident Victims With Soft Tissue Injuries

People who have suffered from sprains, strains or tendinitis (sometimes spelled tendinitis) know all too well that these injuries can be painful and expensive. They can leave a person unable to work for a long time or to enjoy life as usual. They are notoriously difficult to diagnose definitively, although a sufferer knows that he or she is in acute pain.

The attorneys at The Roach Law Firm can evaluate your case if you suffered a soft tissue injury because of someone else’s negligence. Did a tendon rupture when you attempted to break your fall, which was caused by defective property management practices? Have you been left with a neck injury after a car accident.

Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. Know your rights and determine the best course of action after a sudden injury resulting in a sprain, strain or tendon damage.

Medical Injuries Can Be Costly, Make Sure Your Compensation Is Enough

Soft tissue injuries can be difficult to treat. Often, no surgery or specific treatment will make them go away. Often the only remedy is to rest and immobilization of the affected part of the body. Someone with joint pain, a torn muscle or ligaments, or an inflamed tendon can be put out of commission for quite a long time. Pain management challenges, depression and other complications are often a direct result of a soft tissue injury. It is not uncommon for people to become dependent on pain medications during the recovery period after suffering a soft tissue injury. A medication dependency problem can go on longer than the injury itself.

In spite of the pain and inconvenience triggered by a soft tissue injury, insurance claims adjusters often refuse to compensate injury victims appropriately. If you have had significant medical expenses and missed work (or expect to miss work) for quite some time because of a soft tissue injury, it is a wise thing to talk to an experienced, understanding personal injury lawyer for an opinion.

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