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When you walk into a store, visit a friend’s home or dine at your favorite restaurant, you expect the property to be in safe condition. But what happens when that safety is compromised due to someone else’s negligence? That’s where premises liability comes into play. Simply put, it’s the responsibility of property owners to ensure that their premises are hazard-free for visitors. If they fail in this duty and you get hurt, you can pursue accountability through a legal claim.

At The Roach Law Firm in Lake Charles, we stand on a proud legacy of success in helping personal injury victims pursue recovery. Since our founding in 1959, we’ve become a trusted name in Southwest Louisiana for proven legal advocacy.

When Dangerous Property Conditions Cause Harm

Premises liability can manifest in various forms, any of which can leave innocent visitors with life-altering injuries. Our attorneys handle premises liability cases involving scenarios such as:

  • Slip-and-fall mishaps: Whether involving a slippery floor, a tripping hazard or an uneven sidewalk, these accidents can cause serious harm.
  • Dog bites: We seek justice for those harmed by dangerous dogs, including children.
  • Swimming pool accidents: Pools without proper fencing, security measures or supervision can lead to tragic drownings.
  • Negligent security: If inadequate security measures – such as broken windows, malfunctioning locks or poor lighting – lead to an assault or violent crime, the property owner may be liable.
  • Unsafe structures: Collapsing decks, railings and other maintenance hazards can result in severe injuries.

We understand the nuances of each case type and are ready to advocate for your rights.

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