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You Can’t Fight Mother Nature, But You Can Recover From Natural Disasters

Louisiana is no stranger to severe weather events and natural disasters. In the region, numerous natural disasters have caused loss of life, property damage and serious injuries. Even when you do everything to prepare for a storm, you can’t always prevent the damage it can cause.

The damages from a natural disaster can be devastating. While filing a lawsuit after a natural disaster may seem odd, you have options. In the aftermath of a terrible storm, a personal injury attorney can help you file a claim with your insurance company and get the compensation you need to move on. The personal injury attorneys at The Roach Law Firm in Lake Charles have experience helping storm victims deal with insurance coverage disputes, underpayment of claims, denials and filing an initial claim.

Don’t Let Insurance Companies Add Insult To Injury

From June through November, Louisiana residents are on alert for the next big storm. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and tornadoes are common in Louisiana and can cause life-altering damages.

With dangerous winds and massive flooding, storms can destroy your property and cause serious injuries, including:

  • Electric shock
  • Burns
  • Loss of limbs
  • Loss of life
  • Property damage
  • Loss of homes or vehicles

In the wake of a natural disaster, insurance companies are overwhelmed with victims’ claims. It may be difficult to collect your claims or the compensation you deserve. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you push through the claims process and get your compensation sooner. We can help you by taking over communications with your insurance company, filing a claim, documenting evidence and negotiating with your insurer.

Helping You Rebuild Your Life

The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner you can rebuild your life. Our Louisiana attorneys know first-hand how life-altering a natural disaster can be. We have lived through these storms and know how to help our community rebuild. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at 337-240-9760 or fill out an online contact form to get in touch.