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Co-Parenting Right Of First Refusal In Louisiana

While it’s ideal for kids to spend ample time with both parents, divorce or separation can disrupt this. Custody agreements may lack clarity, prompting skilled custody attorneys to advocate for clauses like the right of first refusal to address uncertainties.

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What Is The Right Of First Refusal?

The right of first refusal (ROFR) in child custody agreements commonly mandates a parent to offer the other parent the chance to care for their children before seeking external child care options.

When a parent needs child care during their scheduled parenting time, they must offer it to the other parent first. If declined, the parent can then arrange other child care. This clause can allow parents the maximum possible time with their child, rather than putting the children in the hands of other caregivers.

A Custody Attorney Can Help Minimize Conflicts In Right Of First Refusal

While intended to promote stability and continuity for the child, ROFR can sometimes lead to conflict if it’s not implemented carefully. Our experienced attorneys can minimize conflict in the child custody agreement by:

  • Drafting a clear and comprehensive parenting plan or custody agreement that explicitly outlines the terms of the ROFR
  • Facilitating mediation or negotiation between the parties about ROFR agreements
  • Anticipating and addressing potential changes in circumstances that might affect the ROFR
  • Providing legal support in the event of a custody or ROFR dispute
  • Guiding and developing effective communication strategies between the parties

Every situation is unique, and legal advice specific to your circumstances is the first step toward an accessible provision.

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