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Truck Accidents Archives

Catching fatigue and distracted driving among truckers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that at least 100,000 vehicle crashes every year are caused by driver fatigue. In addition, the National Center for Statistics and Analysis has stated that distracted driving accounts for 15 percent of all injury crashes and 10 percent of all fatal crashes. However, truck drivers in Louisiana should take note that there are companies with the technology to combat these two trends.

Large truck fatalities up as overall vehicle deaths decline

Drivers, passengers and pedestrians in Louisiana can take comfort in knowing that vehicle-related fatalities are on the decline. This is the main takeaway from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data comparing fatal accident statistics for 2017 with the previous year. There was a nearly 2 percent drop in the number of people who perished in traffic accidents in 2017, according to the NHTSA. While this is certainly promising news, the one glaring trend in the opposite direction was the 9 percent increase in fatal accidents involving large trucks.

Inspectors pull nearly 12,000 commercial vehicles from roads

Commercial truck drivers in Louisiana and around the country are required to keep their vehicles in safe working condition. If their trucks are not properly maintained, they could cause a serious accident, potentially harming occupants of other vehicles.

Combating distracted driving with data analysis and new tech

Smartphones and other technology are making drivers in Louisiana and elsewhere more prone to distraction. Distracted driving accidents are some of the costliest, and they especially burden trucking fleets with personal injury claims and delays. Some people have recognized that to fight technology, one has to use technology.

FMCSA releases design of new trucking safety scoring system

After years of complaints from trucking carriers and drivers about the complexity and design of its safety scoring system, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released a report outlining its plans to reform its Compliance, Safety, Accountability program. The goal of the report is to design a new system that will better identify unsafe trucking companies on roads in Louisiana and across the United States.

Truck crashes: common causes and injuries

On average, there are over 500,000 truck accidents every year in America. In 2015, 4,300 trucks were involved in fatal accidents. One thing to remember about these accidents is that it is usually the occupants of the smaller passenger vehicles who incur the fatalities. Louisiana drivers should be aware of the most common causes of truck crashes are and what types of injuries they lead to.

CVSA to inspect truck brakes during Brake Safety Week

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be holding its annual Brake Safety Week from September 16 to 22, so truckers and drivers of other commercial motor vehicles in Louisiana will want to make sure their brakes were installed correctly and are properly maintained. Defective or out-of-adjustment brakes can endanger other drivers by increasing stopping distance.

CVSA roadcheck addresses truck driver fatigue

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has wrapped up its annual International Roadcheck, a three-day inspection spree of buses and commercial trucks. From June 5 to 7, safety organizations and law enforcement personnel across Louisiana, as in all other states, stopped drivers and conducted 37-step inspections that covered both driver- and vehicle-related issues.

Truck injuries: the most common and most serious

Drivers in Louisiana who are wary of sharing the road with large trucks have good reason to be. Truck accidents often lead to serious injuries, if not death. In 97 percent of fatal crashes involving trucks and passenger vehicles, it's an occupant of the smaller vehicle who dies. Should victims survive, they may have to contend with long-term physical and mental conditions.

Fatal large truck crashes on the rise

Fatal truck crashes are on the rise in Louisiana and throughout the United States, according to a new report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The report, which finalizes preliminary data released by the agency a year ago, shows that fatal large truck accidents increased by 3 percent between 2015 and 2016.