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3 reasons payers can amend spousal support orders after divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2024 | Family Law |

Divorce typically severs the legal responsibility between spouses. However, the Louisiana family courts can sometimes create ongoing financial obligations that people must meet even after the end of a marriage. In certain scenarios, spousal support is temporary and only lasts for the duration of the divorce process. In some cases, through mutual agreement or litigation, the courts may impose a spousal support order on the higher-earning spouse that continues after a divorce.

The spouse subject to the order may need to make monthly payments to their spouse to help them reestablish an independent household. The courts consider factors including unpaid contributions to the marriage, the health of both spouses, the income of both spouses and how long a marriage lasted when deciding how much support one spouse pays the other and the duration of the order. When is it possible for someone paying spousal support in Louisiana to modify their existing order?

If the recipient remarries

One of the simplest reasons to modify or end in spousal support order is the remarriage of the recipient. When someone who claims to require financial support and now has a new spouse, they can rely on that individual for financial support instead of their former spouse. Proof that someone has remarried is often sufficient to terminate spousal support payments in Louisiana.

When the recipient cohabitates with someone

Cohabitation as part of a romantic relationship could be a way to avoid the termination of spousal support due to remarriage. Therefore, the Louisiana family courts may look at evidence that someone has begun living with their romantic partner despite remaining unmarried. Evidence of cohabitation can lead to an early termination of spousal support payments much like proof of remarriage could.

After a significant change in circumstances

Either party involved in the spousal support arrangement could have a significant change in circumstances. The recipient might receive an excellent job offer and start making a competitive wage. On the other hand, the party paying could suffer a major injury or a job loss that renders them unable to continue making payments.

A timely modification could potentially save someone a great deal of money. Learning more about the rules that apply to spousal support modifications may benefit those making payments after a divorce in Louisiana.