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3 debilitating medical issues caused by workplace explosions

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Serious Personal Injury |

Many different job hazards could lead to worker injuries. Those who have jobs in the industrial or commercial sectors are at particularly high risk. Employees on oil rigs, factory workers and other professionals in similar roles could end up hurt because of an explosion.

A blast in the workplace is one of the most devastating incidents that could occur. Explosions often prove fatal for those who are close by when they occur. Even when someone survives an explosion, they may be at risk of severe injury, including the following.

Severe fractures

An explosion typically generates more force than the human body can withstand. Bones in the body can break during an explosion. People can also develop fractures if the explosion propels them backward violently. The fractures possible after an explosion may include more severe or extreme breaks, including compound fractures where the bone pushes through the skin and comminuted fractures where the bone breaks into multiple small pieces.

Traumatic brain injuries

The percussive force generated in an explosion can cause damage to someone’s brain even if they don’t fly through the air because of the blast. Blast-related brain injuries are a common issue for those who served in the military and workers in industrial settings exposed to blasts on the job. Brain injuries can cause a number of different severe symptoms and can have a major impact on someone’s future well-being and earning potential. Often, the symptoms of a brain injury can persist for the rest of someone’s life.

Burn injuries

Explosions often result from or cause substantial structural fires. Those fires can cause severe thermal burn injuries. An explosion could also release chemicals that could potentially cause chemical burns. Those present at the time of an explosion could very well end up suffering major burns as a result. Burns often produce disfiguring scars that can be a source of pain for the rest of someone’s life.

Those hurt in the workplace often need to take legal action to protect themselves and their loved ones from the consequences of their injuries. Depending on the circumstances, an injured worker might have grounds for a workers’ compensation claim. Offshore workers have other options. Seeking appropriate compensation after a workplace explosion can help an injured employee reduce the long-term impacts that an incident ultimately has on their life.