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When a Louisiana resident gets hurt while in another state

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Those who live in Louisiana often face legal challenges close to where they live. Anytime they get hurt or need to go to family court while near home, they’ll know that Louisiana laws will apply to their circumstances. However, living in a community does not mean that someone spends their entire life there.

Residents of Louisiana might take a road trip to Florida or Texas. They might also live part-time in Louisiana and part-time in another state. If Louisiana is where they maintain their permanent residence, then they will usually register their vehicle in Louisiana and carry insurance that complies with Louisiana state laws.

While in another state, Louisiana residents may end up in a car crash. However, the vehicle that they are in has Louisiana license plates and an insurance policy compliant with Louisiana state law. As a result, they may understandably wonder how they should go about resolving personal injury matters after a car crash that occurs somewhere other than their home state of Louisiana.

The location of the incident determines the jurisdiction

While Louisiana residents may do their best to abide by state laws and would likely prefer to handle legal challenges close to home, that is not always the most realistic solution after a crash. Those who need to demand justice for a car crash that caused injuries and possibly also lost wages often need to take the matter to civil court in the state where the incident occurred.

People often feel disheartened because they don’t know the insurance rules in other states, let alone the laws that apply to personal injury lawsuits. They also want to avoid the cost of returning to another state for a prolonged period. Thankfully, it is often possible for people to partner with lawyers who can help them manage the process of negotiating with insurance companies or filing an appropriate civil claim in another state.

An attorney can help someone quantify how a change in jurisdictions may have increased their losses and also help them understand what types of compensation are available based on local laws where the incident occurred. Pursuing full compensation from the parties at fault for car crashes regardless of where they occur is usually the best option for those impacted by the negligence or misconduct of others out of state.