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3 factors that often play a role in Louisiana pedestrian crashes

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Pedestrians usually think of their decision to walk somewhere as a safe and smart choice. After all, every trip in a motor vehicle leads to a degree of crash risk. Pedestrians typically don’t have to worry about causing any sort of crash, although they could potentially trip and injure themselves.

Of course, they will very likely have to share space with motor vehicles unless they walk on designated paths far from streets. Particularly in rural areas with higher speed limits, pedestrian crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries and sometimes the death of the pedestrian involved.

There are certain factors that are often present in the worst pedestrian crashes according to federal collision data. What risk factors contribute the most to someone’s chances of a major pedestrian crash?


Distracted driving has become a public safety nightmare in recent years. People are so dependent on their mobile phones that they can’t ignore them even while driving a motor vehicle. A distracted motorist could very easily fail to notice a pedestrian and cause a major collision. Distraction affecting a pedestrian could be equally perilous. They might step out in front of a vehicle and end up getting hit because they had their phone in their hands and failed to look before entering the street.

Chemical impairment

Alcohol is one of the top contributing factors to fatal crashes of all types, including pedestrian wrecks. Drugs are another significant safety issue. Both intoxicated motorists and impaired pedestrians could make decisions that directly contribute to the likelihood of a severe pedestrian crash occurring.

Time of day

A significant portion of serious and fatal pedestrian crashes occur late at night after the sun has set. Drivers may have a hard time spotting pedestrians and may be unable to slow or stop their vehicles before causing a crash if they encounter a pedestrian after dark. Especially in rural areas where there are no overhead street lights, a nighttime walk or job can be very dangerous without illuminated or reflective safety gear.

Pedestrians who understand what factors directly influence their likelihood of injury or death can proactively address those concerns to minimize their risk of a collision with a car. In this way, learning more about what contributes to pedestrian crashes in Louisiana might ultimately help people stay safer.