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3 reasons patrons could easily get hurt at a Louisiana casino

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2023 | Serious Personal Injury |

Casinos may not be the single biggest tourist attraction in Louisiana, but they are among the most popular reasons that people visit the state. Casinos offer an immersive and exciting experience for those who are looking for a little adventure or romance in their lives. Unfortunately for some of the people that patronize Louisiana casinos, their visit will also serve as a catalyst for a significant injury.

Premises liability claims against casinos are relatively common, as these businesses represent a near-perfect storm for severe injuries and preventable accidents. These are just some of the factors that contribute to the prevalence of serious visitor injuries at Louisiana casinos.

1. Alcohol leads to all kinds of issues

Many casinos keep their visitors in a good mood and eager to spend money by providing them with cheap or sometimes free alcohol. The more someone drinks, the more disinhibited they become and the more time they may spend gambling and socializing. Unfortunately, those under the influence can much more easily fall and get hurt than those who are sober and in full control of their bodies. Additionally, patrons drinking can spill their beverages, potentially leading to anyone who passes nearby slipping and getting hurt.

2. Understaffing issues lead to unsafe spaces

Casinos are very labor-intensive operations, but they have had a hard time in recent years maintaining enough employees to keep their facilities running smoothly. It is often cleaning and maintenance rather than immediate customer service that end up deprioritized in an understaffing scenario. Therefore, people are more likely to get hurt by preventable issues, like a spill or a leak causing a slip-and-fall.

3. Heightened emotions may lead to criminal activity

Casinos inevitably have some people present who are very unhappy with the outcome of their trip. They may have lost thousands of dollars or embarrassed themselves well gambling. Sometimes, those individuals become aggressive toward others. Criminal activity at a casino, especially if it would be easy to predict and possible to prevent with better security practices, could lead to a premises liability claim much like the claims that come after a slip-and-fall situation.

When people know the risks they’ll have to face at a casino, it can be a bit easier for them to mitigate the likelihood that they’ll suffer harm before heading home. Learning about the issues that contribute to personal injury claims against casinos can benefit those who frequently visit local gambling establishments and those who are planning a trip.