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Always be safe around farm trucks

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The agricultural industry in southern Louisiana is always busy, so it isn’t uncommon to see farm trucks on the roadways around other vehicles. Even though these vehicles may inconvenience other drivers, these farmers and farm workers deserve to remain safe. 

It’s up to everyone who drives to ensure they’re doing what they can to avoid being involved in a crash. Whether you’re operating farm equipment or any other vehicle, you can use a refresher on how to remain safe.  Here are two major tips:

Avoid distractions as much as possible

Driving safely means watching the road. Farm equipment should have proper safety markers, such as reflective triangles and possibly lights. 

Paying attention to what’s going on around your vehicle gives you the opportunity to adjust your driving when necessary. You can also take evasive action if there’s a hazard present. 

Give other vehicles extra space 

All vehicles on the road need ample space. Remember, farm equipment might be going slow, but they will still need space to stop. This is especially true if they’re hauling a trailer or another piece of equipment. 

Most farm equipment is heavy, which can considerably increase the stopping distance so no driver should just jump in front of a farmer and stop suddenly. You’re well-advised to give other vehicles as much space as possible.

Anyone who’s struck by farm equipment or involved in a crash because another motorist was negligent around those farm vehicles should ensure they get prompt medical care. Once their immediate safety is secured, it may be time to look into a personal injury claim.