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Some key facts about truck blind spots 

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | Serious Personal Injury |

Road users in Louisiana face numerous hazards each time they embark on a journey. One potential danger is having to share the roads with other drivers. Errors, vehicle malfunctions, and surface conditions all have the potential to cause accidents. 

Larger commercial vehicles, such as trucks, warrant special consideration. The reason for this is that an accident with a truck or larger vehicle can have devastating consequences. One area that is particularly dangerous is truck blind spots. Every vehicle has blind spots, however, they are generally accentuated in trucks. 

Outlined below are some key facts about truck blind spots:

Trucks have larger blind spots than cars

While all vehicles have areas around them where the driver’s view is obstructed, this is more prominent in trucks. Areas of interest include the right-hand side of a truck as well as the rear. Accidents frequently occur in the right-hand side blind spot when oncoming vehicles approach or cars attempt to overtake. It is generally advisable for drivers to pass on the left-hand side when possible. 

The blind spot to the rear of a truck is also of significance. Trucks frequently have trailers, which can be raised above the ground. Often, the area underneath a truck is of the size that a car could fit underneath during a collision. An accident of this type has the potential to result in severe crush injuries.

Narrow vehicles are particularly at risk around trucks

Due to their narrow stature, smaller vehicles, such as motorbikes and bicycles can be virtually impossible for truck drivers to see. Additionally, because they do not have the same level of physical protection, a collision between a smaller vehicle and a truck can be devastating. 

Understanding the risks posed by blind spots could ensure your safety. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, then you might be able to claim legal compensation