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Have you overlooked a major form of hurricane damage?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2021 | Firm News |

Damage to your home after a hurricane is often obvious and dramatic. High wind speeds can rip shingles off your house or even completely tear off the roof. Debris from trees or even furniture from your neighbor’s yard might end up flying through your windows.

There might be flooding and water damage to consider, or the siding on one part of your home may have peeled back. The hurricane could have taken out your fence or collapsed your garage. All of these issues will be obvious when you initially inspect your property.

In your eagerness to determine the condition of your property, don’t overlook what might be one of the most expensive kinds of damage.

The damage to your house might be under your line of vision

Foundation damage is a frequent issue after hurricanes. High winds can push a structure and affect the way the walls connect with the foundation. Damage caused by winds or debris can impact the integrity of the foundation itself.  Flooding nearby might cause sinkholes or uneven settling of the land around your home.

There are many foundation issues that can arise after a hurricane rolls through. Foundation issues can affect everything from the long-term functionality of your home to how easily you open your doors.  The higher the wind speeds recorded near your home are, the more important checking your foundation may become. You will also need to make an insurance claim by demonstrating that the hurricane caused the issues.

Knowing what kind of damage you are at risk for can help you ensure that you get the necessary repairs made to your home and file the appropriate insurance claims.