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Can you make a hurricane claim in Louisiana?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Firm News |

You have probably heard that insurance companies tend to give people problems when they make claims after a hurricane. Never assume that your insurance policy covers a certain type of damage. You must check your specific policy. If your insurance company gives you trouble over something they do cover, then a lawyer may help you with your claim.

Car damage

Water-damaged cars are a safety risk, so you want to make sure you take your car to an auto repair shop if the hurricane damaged it. Water damage can cause compromised electrical systems and faulty airbags. Most auto insurance policies with comprehensive coverage will cover hurricane claims that involve flood damage. If your insurance company deems your car a total loss, they might pay your claim for the value of the car while you just pay the deductible.

Fallen trees

When a tree from your property damages either your property or the neighbor’s property, you can file a hurricane claim. It matters whether the tree was yours or your neighbor’s. If your neighbor’s tree has fallen onto your property, you need to ask your neighbor to file a claim with their insurance company. Even if the fallen tree didn’t damage anything, an insurance company may cover the cost of cleaning it up for up to $1,000.

House damage

A homeowners insurance policy in Louisiana usually covers damage that comes from a hurricane’s wind and rain. It typically doesn’t cover damage that comes from a flood rising up to your home. You need to have flood insurance for that. To know if your homeowner’s insurance covers flood damage, you need to check your policy document.

Most homeowners insurance policies do cover your living costs if you have to temporarily stay in a hotel until your home is safe to live in again. Keep records of your expenses in order to claim a reimbursement for these costs.

Sometimes, an insurance company gives you trouble when you place a hurricane claim. Hiring a lawyer can speed up the process and protect you from the insurance company. Always know what types of damage your insurance policies cover to avoid a situation in which you have to use your own money to pay for repairs.