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Getting coverage for hurricane damage

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Serious Personal Injury |

Following hurricane Delta and hurricane Laura, 236,928 claims were filed by locals in Louisiana. The population needed help because both hurricanes caused a lot of destruction. According to experts, the top insurance companies paid about $5.3 billion to cover the damages. However, in many cities, only 50% of the claims that are filed following hurricanes are paid out. To change this statistic, you must know how each insurance company processes claims.

A homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover flooding

A basic homeowners insurance plan only covers certain damages. For example, if a hurricane damages a home’s roof, doors, walls and windows, an insurance company will provide a hurricane season payment. However, a homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover damage by rising water.

Auto insurance policies for automobiles vary

Car insurance companies have many policies that give locals different levels of coverage. Comprehensive coverage will cover physical damage. In terms of flooding, a comprehensive policy covers flood damage to a certain degree. If a vehicle is declared as a total loss by an auto insurance company, the company will pay for the claim, which is usually the value of a vehicle.

The deductibles for hurricane damage could be higher

For many years, most insurance companies had separate policies that provided relief for wind damage. Today, more companies are offering policies that mainly focus on hurricane damage. If you don’t currently have a hurricane policy for your home in Lake Charles, thoroughly review every insurance company’s terms before you sign a contract because the deductible might be higher.

Legal assistance might help you acquire more funds following a major storm. If you need compensation following a disaster, a lawyer may help with your hurricane claim.