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Filing insurance claims after hurricanes

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Serious Personal Injury |

Hurricanes hit Louisiana harder than many other states; consider recent tempests like Hurricane Katrina. Lake Charles, Louisiana, and the surrounding area is one of the locations in the Gulf Coast that receives the most damage when a hurricane arrives over the state. It is important to file an insurance claim after these disasters wreak havoc. The claim will help you bring your life back to some sense of normalcy after the storm.

Insurance coverage after a hurricane

Basic insurance covers the damages that occur to your home that are not from floods. Many individuals in the gulf area pay extra for flood insurance to cover damage from these natural events. Louisiana is a state that also has a hurricane deductible. This means that the insurance will kick in after a certain deductible. The deductible comes from a percentage denoted by your property’s risk.

Timeline to receive compensation

Hurricane Laura was the last major hurricane to hit Louisiana hard. The insurance commissioner of Louisiana created a mandate in which you can file a claim up to February. This gives you ample time to gather evidence and to submit photographic proof of the damages. Homeowners have up to 180 days after the date of disaster to file a claim with all of the necessary proof. You should try to file insurance/hurricane claims as soon as possible though to receive your full compensation.

Final thoughts

If after you file your claim you do not receive the compensation you deserve, it is time to contact a lawyer. Find one with decades of experience in the Lake Charles area to give you your funds. You need the compensation you expect to rebuild your life. This attorney can help you to win the war against your insurance agency in the claims process.