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Facts about hurricane damage you should know

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2021 | Serious Personal Injury |

Hurricane damage claims in Louisiana and across the nation are up. In 2020, there were 28 tropical storms in the Atlantic Basin, and 13 of them turned into hurricanes. Six of them were Category 3 or higher. The Eastern Basin also had to deal with the impact of Hurricane Douglas in 2020. If you look at hurricane claims, you will see that significant storms are coming closer together.

Total damage

Across the United States in 2020, hurricane damage totaled more than $95 billion. The costliest storm in 2020 was Hurricane Laura, which caused more than $13 billion in damage. By comparison, the most expensive storm ever was Hurricane Katrina, which generated more than $125 billion in damages.

Historical hurricanes

If you adjust the totals to 2020, then the costliest hurricane of all time was the Great Miami Hurricane, which made landfall on Sept. 18, 1926. If that hurricane were to happen today, the property loss would total nearly $245 billion.

The second-costliest hurricane of all time when you adjust the totals to today’s numbers was the Okeechobee Hurricane, which occurred in September 1928. By today’s standards, the hurricane caused more than $155 billion in damage.

Storm surge

Florida is the state that receives the most damage from storm surge. Experts estimate that a Category 3 storm impacts more than 1.8 million homes while a Category 4 storm impacts almost 2.4 million single-family dwellings, and a Category 5 impacts more than 2.8 million houses.

The second most impacted state is Louisiana. Here, experts believe a Category 3 hurricane would impact about 640,000 homes, a Category 4 storm would impact 770,000 and a Category 5 would impact more than 840,00. If you are one of those homeowners, then you may want to contact a lawyer for help with your hurricane damage claim as soon as the threat is over.

Hurricanes are deadly and can leave massive damage behind. If you are in the path of one, then follow local authorities’ advice as quickly as possible.