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Can you file a hurricane damage claim if you’re renting?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Firm News |

The Louisiana area has suffered several severe hurricanes that not only caused flooding but also destroyed property. Can renters as well as homeowners file claims for hurricane damage? People with renters’ insurance can benefit from compensation if their personal property is damaged or stolen. To avoid a lot of hassle, there are some basics that you need to understand before you file a claim.

Report to the landlord

Hurricane damage claims require timely documentation. Thus, you first need to report any damage to the landlord. Reporting to the landlord is a requirement in most states. Additionally, the lease agreement may require the landlord to make some general repairs on the damaged house.

Safeguard your belongings

Before commencing the claim process, safeguard your belongings and your home. You may have to board up the windows, and you need to record the extent of the damages. If the home is inhabitable, you should find a temporary living space. Most insurance providers will find temporary living spaces as your house is being repaired.

Filing an insurance claim

In case of hurricane damage, you have three claim options to file: property damage, liability claim or property loss. For each of the three claims, follow these steps:

  • Call the police or the fire department and obtain a police report.
  • Note the damages and include pictures.
  • Give notice to the insurance company.
  • Fill in any documents you receive from the insurance company.

What if the claim is denied?

If the claim is denied, don’t get mad. Just compose yourself and try to understand why. Although most claims are paid out, some are denied because the cause was not included in the policy. If you suspect that the claim was wrongfully denied, an attorney may look into the case for you.