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What hurricane losses does insurance not cover?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Serious Personal Injury |

Louisiana, like many other states, has an unfortunate history of hurricane calamities. Hurricanes may cause massive damage to a home or a business, including tearing off the roof. The repair costs associated with restoring a home after the weather catastrophe could be enormous. Hopefully, a homeowner’s insurance policy covers the costs. Policyholders must stay mindful of exclusions because the policy might not cover everything.

Deductibles and coverage

Understand that the policy may have a deductible. “Wind damage” may come with a high deductible, owing to the insurance company’s attempts to mitigate its losses. Deductibles refer to the homeowner’s out-of-pocket responsibilities that must be met before the insurance company covers anything. Some may not read their policies closely and find themselves shocked at deductible expenses. Regardless, if the wind damage totals $10,000 and the deductible is $4,000, the insurance company’s obligation would be $6,000, payable on an approved claim.

Flood insurance

Another issue homeowners must keep in mind is that flood damage is commonly extra. When a homeowners policy excludes flood losses, the provider won’t cover any damage resulting from flood water entering the home. The damage could be significant because water entering the first floor could destroy all the contents and personal property on the ground level.

Reviewing the policy

Homeowners might need to read their policies to determine what is and is not covered. Persons who don’t fully understand the language in a policy may wish to speak with a professional capable of assisting them. If insurance coverage appears lacking, purchasing a new policy or additional insurance could be necessary.

Suing the insurance company

And sometimes, homeowners could get into disputes with the insurance provider. What if the policy claims all water damage resulted from a flood when a significant amount was due to water leaking through a damaged roof? The homeowner may file a suit against the insurance company to seek payment.

Attorneys who deal with insurance litigation, property damage, and personal injury suits may be of assistance. Consulting with an attorney might be worthwhile.