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Was your hurricane damage claim denied in bad faith?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2020 | Firm News |

When most people buy hurricane insurance in Louisiana, they hope that they can trust their insurance companies to do the right thing and write them a check if their houses get damaged in a storm. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Many insurance companies will act in bad faith by denying your claim even if you have a legitimate case. If you suspect that your insurance company is engaging in this behavior, it may be time to pursue legal action.

Is your insurance company acting in bad faith?

The insurance company may be acting in bad faith by denying your hurricane damage claim even if you have evidence that it occurred. For example, a church in Georgia sustained extensive water damage after a hurricane struck the area in 2016. When it filed a claim with its insurance company, the company refused to give the church the payout to which it was entitled. As a result, the church filed a lawsuit that alleged that the company was acting in bad faith and had committed a breach of contract.

Signs of bad faith can include your insurance company refusing to provide you with the payout that it promised in its contract. It can also include the insurance company refusing to investigate your claims promptly. Your insurance company may also deliberately make a low offer, hoping you’ll take the smaller amount, so it doesn’t pay the full amount. It may also insist that you submit an unreasonable amount of evidence and then deny your claim based on that fact.

Whatever the case, you have the right to pursue legal action if you believe that your insurance company is behaving in bad faith. An attorney may help you obtain the payout you deserve.

When should you hire an attorney?

It may be time to hire an attorney if it seems that your insurance company won’t budge on the issue. It may be willing to fulfill its contract if it learns that you’re planning to take legal action regarding your hurricane damage claims. If not, the results of a lawsuit could force the insurance company’s hand.