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Tips for filing hurricane claims

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Firm News |

People living in Louisiana know the sudden devastation that a hurricane can bring to their home and other property. It is only natural that homeowners affected by a hurricane will turn to their insurance carrier for help. The claims process for hurricane victims will go a lot smoother for homeowners who adhere to the following tips.

Act fast

There is likely to be a lot of confusion and chaos in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane, but homeowners should allow nothing to distract them from filing hurricane claims as soon as possible. The workload for insurance carriers increases during the weeks following a hurricane. This means that homeowners may need to make multiple calls to their insurance carrier before finding the help they need.

Document losses

This tip is more useful to homeowners who took the time to inventory their home before the hurricane. The insurance adjuster will have an easier time calculating the compensation homeowners deserve when they provide evidence of the possessions they lost to the hurricane.

Make repairs

Insurance providers will not expect homeowners to fix all the damage a hurricane causes to their homes. However, an insurance carrier may expect the homeowner to complete the simple repairs that will eliminate the risk of further damage to their home. Homeowners should keep receipts and other records of the money spent on repairs if they hope to receive full compensation for repair costs.

Meet with an adjuster

It can be a chore to schedule a face-to-face meeting with an insurance adjuster after a hurricane strikes. Regardless of the inconvenience or time involved with the process, meeting with an adjuster is an absolute necessity. During the meeting, homeowners can take the adjuster on a walk-through of the home and give a detailed account of the damage. It may also benefit the homeowner to have a contractor on hand.

Homeowners who are victims of hurricanes may have to do a bit of the footwork themselves to ensure that their insurance companies provide the proper compensation for their claim. The hurricane claims process for homeowners may be smoother when they choose to work with an attorney.