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Many motorcycle accidents have common causes

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When it comes to motorcycle riders suffering injuries or worse while riding on public roadways, three general factors commonly cause most mishaps in Louisiana and across the U.S. Those common factors are other drivers, road conditions and rider mistakes. The potential to suffer a motorcycle accident at almost any time requires motorcyclists to be aware of current riding conditions and avoid common mistakes.

Other drivers pose the greatest risks

Car and truck drivers often cause motorcycle accidents that land riders in the hospital. A left-hand turn that either cuts off a rider or causes the vehicle to travel directly into the biker is among the most common occurrence. Changing lanes without seeing a motorcyclist and cutting off the lane of travel can also cause a collision. Many drivers accidentally rear-end riders while the motorcycles are stopped at an intersection, and others might open a car door that cuts off a motorcycle’s travel lane. Riders have to continually scan all moving and parked vehicles and watch out for inattentive drivers making erratic maneuvers.

Road conditions lead to untimely falls

Road debris, gravel, sand and more can compromise the contact patch that each tire maintains with the roadway to keep the rubber side down while riding. Wet roads also reduce traction and increase the potential for an accident. Riders need to scan the roadway and ensure that their tires are in good shape to handle poor road conditions.

Rider error causes a lot of accidents

Many riders cause their own motorcycle accidents without involving other vehicles. Speeding is the biggest rider-caused mishap and contributes greatly to the potential for suffering injuries. Misjudging a turn and entering it too fast might put a rider into the shoulder or the path of an oncoming car. Slowing down and completing a rider safety course will help. When motorcycle accidents happen, an experienced attorney may help injured victims to build a solid case to seek compensation.