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Tips to reduce truck accident risk

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Firm News |

A truck driving accident in Louisiana can not only cause injuries but also result in lawsuits. An injured driver may not be able to work for several weeks. Stats show a little over 2% of accidents involve commercial trucks and around 16% are the fault of the truck driver. However, it still is important to know how to reduce accident risk.


Second to distracted driving, speed is a major contributing factor in trucking accidents. Commercial trucks can do more damage because of the size and impact, which makes it essential that drivers stay aware of speed. Slowing down increases stopping time and conserves gas.

Weather and unfamiliar roadways

Knowing how to react in various weather situations makes driving safer. Drivers should be aware in temperature changes and clouds, which could mean inclement weather. Truck drivers need to stay a safe distance behind vehicles and look for ice and snow. They should turn on blinkers before they normally would to allow other drivers more reaction time.

If drivers are taking an unknown route, the driver may not be familiar with weather or road conditions. Drivers can plan their routes and check weather in advance using various trucking apps to avoid distractions from checking GPS.

Lack of maintenance

A commercial truck needs inspecting after each haul. Defective brakes are common out-of-service violations. Regular inspections reduce accident risks and help save money. A driver that neglects to inspect the truck could be found liable for accidents, even if they didn’t cause it.

Driver fatigue and health

Serious trucking accidents often involve driver fatigue, which could cause drivers to have poor reaction time. After 17 hours on the road, the body’s defenses and alertness decrease. Drivers can check online for truck stops or safe places to sleep in route to their destination. Besides, sleep drivers also need plenty of exercise and proper diet to stay alert.

Drivers who follow these tips are less likely to have accidents. If a truck driver feels they aren’t at fault for an accident, an attorney experienced in handling the fallout from truck accidents may be able to assist them.