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Children are a potential distraction for drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Serious Personal Injury |

When it comes to driver distractions, Louisiana residents should know that they can range beyond the usual phones and infotainment systems. Anything, or anyone, that takes a driver’s eyes or mind off the road or causes the driver to stop holding the steering wheel is a distraction. Distractions, then, can include children.

Preparing for the drive

When your children are riding with you, make sure they have their toys, books, video games and any other critical items within reach. It may be best, though, not to have younger children eat or drink as this can lead to distracting spills and messes.

Eyes always on the road

Be patient and be clear with children that you’re driving and so unable to help with certain matters. If the children start to act up, avoid turning your eyes from the road. It’s better to go through the hassle of pulling over than to address children’s temper tantrums and other issues while driving. Pulling over is also advisable for making calls. From the start, parents should establish driving rules and teach their children about them.

Distractions for the children

While you yourself won’t want to be distracted, it can be ideal for the children to become distracted. Point out school buses, fire trucks and other attractions that the children can gaze at, or play their favorite music.

A lawyer to locally represent you

Many auto accidents involve children and can make the amount that victims are eligible for in damages quite extensive. This is an emotional time for you, which is one good reason why you may want to hire a lawyer to take on your personal injury claim. Third parties like crash investigators and medical professionals may help as well. The lawyer may then negotiate with the auto insurance company on your behalf.