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Six of the most common car crash injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Serious Personal Injury |

Perhaps you were in a car accident here in Louisiana and sustained one or more of the following injuries. These six are the injuries that are most frequently seen. Some may become immediately apparent while others will reveal themselves after a delay.

Injuries to the head and neck

Whiplash, caused when the neck snaps back and forth, stretches and may even tear the muscles and ligaments of the neck. The result can be stiffness and shooting pains. Next, there are concussions, which are a mild form of traumatic brain injury. Contrary to what many believe, concussions do not always lead to loss of consciousness. Symptoms usually include dizziness, confusion and an inability to focus.

Fractures, dislocation and herniation

Crash victims often break their bones, in particular the bones in their limbs. They will immediately experience pain, swelling and bruising. Next are joint dislocations. For example, the shoulder may become dislocated if the seatbelt is worn improperly, and drivers may dislocate their knee when it collides with the steering wheel or dashboard. In rear-end collisions, it’s not uncommon for a spinal disc to slip out or press against a nerve.

Emotional injuries

Lastly, the emotional recovery after an accident can be bumpy. Victims may develop chronic anxiety or depression and even start dreaming about, or reliving, the events over and over.

Compensation for both physical and emotional suffering

With a personal injury case, you may be reimbursed for all the losses relating to your physical and emotional injuries. This assumes that you were not at fault for the accident or at least not entirely to blame. You may find that having a lawyer on your case will give you more time to focus on your recovery and also make it easier to negotiate for a settlement with the defendant’s auto insurance company.