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Gray divorce increasingly common

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Divorce |

The phenomenon of divorce later in life, a trend that has been increasing throughout Louisiana and the rest of the nation in recent years, has been referred to as grey divorce. This term first appeared in use in around 2004, but by then the practice had already been common for two decades. Studies have shown that the rate of divorce has decreased nationally during the past 20 years, but the divorce rate for individuals over 50 years old has been increasing. The causes behind grey divorce are as varied as the people involved, but some reasons include financial management, growing apart and longer life expectancy.

The primary concern in most gray divorce cases, which usually occur after the children are grown and gone, is finances. Financial matters can be tricky, especially when one of the spouses has trouble with money. In cases where one of the spouses earns a lot more than the other, the couple may have problems with property division or a dispute over spousal support payments.

Another reason for divorce later in life is that the couple has grown apart. For grey divorces, part of the motivation may be empty nest syndrome after the kids have left home. Longer life expectancy and better health overall later in life also lead people to consider divorce. Spouses are more likely to make new discoveries and decisions about what makes them happy after age 50.

In situations when a couple is considering divorce in Louisiana, legal representation may be necessary. A lawyer who handles divorce cases may help by reviewing a client’s financial circumstances and identifying and categorizing their assets and liabilities. The attorney could draft the legal documents necessary to initiate divorce proceedings, negotiate property division on behalf of the client or argue during official hearings for support or spousal support.