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CVSA announces Brake Safety Week dates

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Firm News |

Commercial vehicle drivers in Louisiana and around the country would be wise to check that their hydraulic braking systems are in good working condition before they head out onto the roads in late August. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced on July 8 that it will be holding its annual Brake Safety Week between Aug. 23 and Aug. 29. Tractor-trailers across the country will be subjected to rigorous roadside inspections during the safety blitz, and those with poorly maintained or defective braking systems will be ordered out of service.

During this year’s Brake Safety Week, inspectors will be paying particularly close attention to hydraulic braking system tubing and hoses. They will check that these components are undamaged, free of leaks, properly attached and flexible enough to work as intended. August has also been designated Brake Safety Awareness Month. During this time, law enforcement agencies and road safety advocacy groups will reach out to road users to educate them about the importance of properly maintaining vehicle braking systems.

Braking problems in commercial vehicles weighing up to 40 tons are worryingly common. When the CVSA inspected commercial vehicle braking systems in 2019, 13.5% of the vehicles pulled over were ordered out of service because of braking system violations. During the most recent International Roadcheck safety initiative, braking issues accounted for more than 45% of the out-of-service violations discovered.

Commercial vehicle accidents may leave road users with catastrophic injuries, and this is especially true when the truck driver involved is unable to brake effectively. When their clients have been injured in truck accidents that might have been caused by defective parts, inadequate maintenance or slipshod repairs, experienced personal injury attorneys may gather evidence of negligence by scrutinizing accident reports and vehicle inspections. Attorneys may also take steps to find out if the trucking company involved has been cited for safety violations in the past.