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When truck tires blow out

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Serious Personal Injury |

Sharing Louisiana highways with semi trucks can be nerve-wracking for many motorists due to the fact that truck accidents can often be extremely serious. In addition to being unable to stop quickly due to their weight, trucks are at risk for causing serious or even deadly accidents in the event that a tire blows.

There are several ways that a blowout on a truck may occur. According to reports, approximately 80 percent of tire blowouts are caused by improper maintenance. Tires that have deteriorated treads or are underinflated are more likely to blow out while the vehicle is moving than new or well-maintained tires. The remaining 20 percent are considered to be caused by road hazards.

One such tire blowout occurred on August 30 on Interstate 40 in New Mexico. A semi truck was traveling in the eastbound lane when the right-hand steer tire blew out, causing the truck to veer across the median and into oncoming traffic. The truck struck a Greyhound bus that was carrying 49 passengers. Seven people were killed, including the bus driver, while the truck driver only sustained non-threatening injuries. It was believed that the accident may have been a result of an improperly-inflated tire and mishandling of the truck following the blowout.

When truck accidents occur, any motorists involved are at risk for suffering serious or even life-threatening injuries. Depending on the severity of the accident, injuries could potentially include traumatic brain injuries, back problems and even amputations. Following a truck accident, a personal injury attorney may assist with investigating the case by determining the cause of the accident, which could include improper truck maintenance, such as tire maintenance, or human factors. In many cases, the attorney may help an injured person or family members of a deceased person seek compensation for the accident.