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Distracted driving can take many forms

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Serious Personal Injury |

Drivers in Louisiana and throughout the country may face a variety of distractions while driving to work, school or elsewhere. For instance, an individual who takes his or her hands off a steering wheel to change a radio station is engaged in a manual distraction. A person who looks at a passenger or glances down at an infotainment system may be guilty of being visually distracted.

Drivers who are lost in thought or who are listening intently to a podcast while their cars are moving may be cognitively distracted. While they may be looking at the road, their focus is on their thoughts or what they are listening to as opposed to what is going on in front of them. Generally speaking, those who use their phones to send or receive text messages can be cognitively, visually and manually distracted at the same time.

Motorists may be able to minimize the likelihood of driving while distracted by turning off their phones prior to leaving for their intended destination. A person who is traveling with a child in the car is encouraged to pull to the side of the road if that child needs help. Those who are traveling with animals are encouraged to put them in carriers or confine them to a certain part of the vehicle.

A person who is injured by another driver in a motor vehicle accident may want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Doing so may allow a person to obtain compensation to pay for medical bills or other damages related to a crash. An attorney might use witness or driver statements to show that an individual was hurt by a distracted motorist. This may maximize a person’s chances of obtaining a favorable jury award or settlement.