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The chemical industry creates a risk of toxic exposure

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2019 | Serious Personal Injury |

There are a number of chemical companies in the Lafayette part of Louisiana. They provide stable employment to a significant amount of the local population. They also provide important chemical compounds that other businesses and industries rely on. As an industry, chemical companies offer a net positive to the communities nearby.

While chemical companies certainly benefit both their employees and their customers, they also create some risk for the people who work at their facilities. Even with proper training and adequate safety equipment in place, there is a constant risk for chemical exposure due to a sudden workplace accident.

An issue with machinery, and electrical spark or unintentional contamination of a chemical could all cause serious injury or illness. Employees who work with chemicals should always follow best practices for safety. They should also familiarize themselves with their rights if they get hurt at work.

Staff at chemical plants qualify for workers’ compensation protections

Regardless of whether you work full-time or part-time, Louisiana law protects you with workers’ compensation insurance. In fact, even if you have contractor classification, if you perform manual labor at the factory, you likely still qualify for workers’ compensation protections.

Most workers never need to rely on those benefits, but for those who get hurt at work, they can prove invaluable. The benefit that most injured workers need is medical coverage. Even good health insurance policies offered through factory employment often have coinsurance, co-pays and high deductibles. You shouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket after a workplace injury.

Workers’ compensation health coverage provides 100 percent compensation for all medical care received as a result of a workplace illness or injury. During that time when an injured worker recovers at home, they can miss out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars in income.

What other benefits does workers’ compensation offer?

Temporary disability benefits through workers’ compensation can protect injured workers by providing them with a portion of their average weekly wage as they recuperate. In the event that a worker is so badly hurt that they cannot return to work, they can seek permanent disability benefits.

Finally, workers’ compensation also protects the family members of chemical factory workers. Survival or death benefits can provide a family with income, as well as compensation for medical bills and funeral costs associated with a workplace injury. These benefits can be very important for a family that suddenly loses a loved one to a workplace accident.

What options are there for injuries not related to work?

In some cases, the people who wind up hurt due to chemical exposure don’t even work for the company in question. When that happens, the injured parties may need to seek compensation through a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the company responsible.