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6 tips for driving safely in bright sunlight

Louisiana residents who find themselves driving into the brightness of the rising or setting sun on a frequent basis will want to consider the following six tips for staying safe. After all, bright sunlight can cause visual illusions and raise the risk for a fatal car accident by 16 percent.

The first step is to purchase a pair of sunglasses and keep them in the car at all times. Sunglasses will not only reduce the brightness of the sun's rays but also protect against harmful UV rays. Second, drivers should use their sun visors. These visors are somewhat flexible and specifically designed to not impede visibility.

A third consideration is window tinting. For a few hundred dollars, a specialty auto repair shop could install tinting in accord with state regulations (overly darkened windows can lead to a fine). Fourth, drivers should keep a good distance from the vehicles in front of them when there's a lot of glare.

If the sun begins to hurt one's eyes or impede driving in any other way, it's a good idea to exit the road and wait 15 or 20 minutes for the sun to move to a different position. The last tip is the simplest of all; motorists should avoid driving in the early morning or late afternoon if possible.

Rear-end accidents are especially common when the sun is in drivers' eyes because it can reduce reaction times. Someone who is injured by a negligent driver may want to have their case assessed by a lawyer. If there is a legitimate claim for personal injury, legal counsel could negotiate for a fair settlement.

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