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Staying safe and healthy on Halloween

It isn't uncommon for Louisiana residents and others to spend Halloween eating and drinking to excess. The good news is that there are healthier ways to spend the holiday. One tip is to refrain from drinking alcohol as there are more car accidents on Halloween than on New Year's Eve. For those who do choose to drink, it may be a good idea to get a designated driver or find another ride home.

It may also be wise to swap out candy for treats that have less sugar in them. Doing so could make it easier to avoid gaining weight or developing health problems such as diabetes. Even if a party host decides to get rid of the alcohol and sugary snacks, it can still be possible to have fun. For instance, a costume contest can encourage people to have fun and show off their creative sides.

Those who enjoy movies and games will have a blast with a film festival featuring live trivia. The types of movies shown can be tailored to match the interests of those attending the party. In some cultures, Halloween is a time to honor relatives who have passed away. This can be done by having their favorite meals or listening to music that they enjoyed while they were alive.

A drunk driving accident can have negative consequences for the driver and the victim. The victim may spend time in the hospital or need several months away from work to recover. On the other hand, the driver could be liable for paying damages. Employers who allow a driver to work while impaired could also be negligent in a car accident case. An attorney may review a case and create a strategy to obtain compensation for an accident victim.

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