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Louisiana one of the nation's deadliest drunk driving states

Fatal drunk driving accidents are becoming an increasingly serious problem in Louisiana according to government figures. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data reveals that about 30 percent of the people who die each year on the state's roads lose their lives in crashes involving an intoxicated driver, and nearly 70 percent of these accidents are caused by motorists with blood alcohol concentrations almost double the legal driving limit.

The consumer research firm ValuePenguin used this kind of data to identify states where fatal DUI accidents are worryingly common. They then identified trends and looked for factors that could be influencing the figures. Louisiana ranked sixth on the company's list of the deadliest drunk driving states between Texas and Oklahoma. The state earned its place because one out of every 20,000 of its residents die in drunk driving accidents each year.

Some states have achieved results in the fight against intoxicated driving by passing stricter DUI laws and encouraging more vigorous law enforcement. The ValuePenguin study suggests that lawmakers in Louisiana should consider taking this approach. According to the researchers, the reason that states like Louisiana and Oklahoma are home to so many fatal drunk driving crashes is because their DUI laws are overly lenient.

Drunk drivers who cause accidents that claim the lives of innocent road users are often killed themselves, and those who recover from their injuries often face years or even decades of incarceration on vehicular manslaughter or homicide charges. Reckless drivers who are dead or in prison are unable to make restitution, but that does not mean their victims have no legal options available. In this kind of situation, experienced personal injury attorneys may seek compensation for the family members of accident victims by initiating litigation against the at-fault motorist's auto insurance company or personal estate.

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