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Why roundabouts can be safer than traffic lights

The use of traffic lights can help to lower the number of crashes that take place at intersections in Louisiana and other states. However, the crashes that do happen are often severe in nature, and they can result in significant costs. While installing a roundabout won't reduce the number of crashes, it generally reduces the severity of the accidents. In North Carolina, a roundabout was installed for about $1.2 million.

However, it was estimated that the roundabout would save about $2.5 million in reduced accident costs. Furthermore, it would reduce injuries at the intersection of Pine Log and Carthage roads by 89 percent based on an analysis of past accidents. The reason why accidents are less serve at a roundabout is that there is less of a chance that a driver misjudges his or her entry. Instead of trying to beat a light, the driver simply needs to look to the left when entering the roundabout.

Furthermore, those who use a roundabout have to slow down as they approach it. They also generally have to go slower as they proceed through the roundabout itself. In addition to helping drivers, it can be a useful tool to keep pedestrians and others who use the road safe. In fact, they are seen an effective way of eventually eliminating traffic deaths entirely.

Individuals who are hurt by a distracted or otherwise careless driver may wish to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. This may be done with the help of an attorney, and cases may be resolved either inside or outside of a courtroom. Driver, witness and police statements may be used as evidence that a person was negligent in causing an accident to occur. Compensation may include money to pay medical bills or to make up for lost wages.

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