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Inspectors pull nearly 12,000 commercial vehicles from roads

Commercial truck drivers in Louisiana and around the country are required to keep their vehicles in safe working condition. If their trucks are not properly maintained, they could cause a serious accident, potentially harming occupants of other vehicles.

In order to promote truck safety, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts an International Roadcheck each year. During this event, which takes place in the U.S., Mexico and Canada, CVSA inspectors conduct a blitz of roadside checks on commercial vehicles. One such campaign was held in early June, and it resulted in 67,502 inspections. Of those, approximately two-thirds were Level I inspections.

According to the CVSA, 21.6 percent of all Level I truck inspections resulted in an out-of-service violation. In addition, 3.9 percent of driver inspections conducted at any level resulted in the driver being pulled from service. The top reasons trucks were pulled from service included problems with brake systems, tires and wheels and brake adjustment. The top reasons drivers were sidelined included hours-of-service violations, possessing the improper class of driver's license and having a false record of duty status. However, even though CVSA inspectors examined more vehicles during the 2018 campaign than during the 2017 event, they found fewer out-of-service violations.

Issues such as defective brakes and defective tires can cause a commercial vehicle accident. If someone is injured in a truck accident caused by improper vehicle maintenance, he or she has the right to pursue a legal claim against the truck driver and/or the trucking company. An attorney could help an injured victim file a personal injury lawsuit and work to obtain a financial settlement that covers medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

Source: Overdrive Online, "Hours of service, brake violations top Roadcheck out-of-service orders", Sept. 12, 2018

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