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Tips for safe driving during the school year

When school is in session in Louisiana, drivers need to be more careful about their actions behind the wheel. The same goes for holiday seasons when traffic gets heavy. The following are just a few basic tips on how to drive safely in both situations. The first tip is to avoid distracting behavior. Not only calling and texting, but also eating and adjusting the radio will take one's eyes off the road.

This is important since pedestrians, especially children, can dart out onto the street and not even use a crosswalk. Drivers are encouraged to always check their mirrors, especially when changing lanes or making a right turn. Bicyclists can sometimes pull up into a blind spot, so always check for them.

Cars can also appear from alleys, driveways and parking garages. Drivers should look from one side of the road to the other and, if possible, scan a block or two ahead. They can anticipate dangers based on the taillights of the vehicles in front of them.

School season means children in school zones and by crosswalks. It also means school buses will be on the road. Drivers must slow down when school buses turn on their yellow lights, and they must stop when the red lights are on, and the stop arm is extended. Lastly, drivers should leave a 10-foot safety zone for school buses.

When an inattentive driver causes an accident, the victim may be able to file a claim against that person's auto insurance company. Under the rule of comparative fault, the victim can only receive damages based on the degree to which both sides were liable. A lawyer can be helpful in determining a victim's degree of fault and gathering the proof against the defendant. The victim can leave all negotiations to the attorney and pursue the case in court if negotiations fail.

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