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Summer leads to more car crashes and brain injuries

There are more car crashes in Louisiana and elsewhere during the summer than during any other time of the year. This is because school breaks and warm weather encourage more people to hit the road, which can lead to more collisions. Unfortunately, more car accidents mean more traumatic brain injuries.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car and motorcycle accidents are the top cause of brain injuries severe enough to require hospitalization. As a result, medical experts say that it is essential for victims to go to the emergency room after a crash. This is true even if they believe they are uninjured. The symptoms of brain injuries don't always show up right away. They could take hours, or even days, to appear. These symptoms may include mood changes, a loss of cognitive function, slurred speech and balance issues.

Emergency room doctors will physically examine car crash victims and test their memory, word recall, balance, coordination and ability to count backward. If a victim fails any of these tests, it could mean that he or she has a brain injury. Treatment for brain injuries depends on their severity. Concussions may only require a period of rest. However, moderate or severe brain injuries could cause brain swelling and require surgery.

Brain injuries often cause medical issues that linger for months or years. Some victims are even left permanently disabled and unable to work. If the injury was due to the negligence of another driver, an attorney could help such victims file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for the losses that have been incurred.

Source: KREM 2, "Experts see increase in car crash trauma during summer months", Kierra Elfalan, July 24, 2018

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