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Simple ways to avoid car accidents

Louisiana drivers will want to consider the following tips so that they can avoid car accidents in the future. After all, many accidents can arise out of one's own negligence. The first tip is to always concentrate on driving. Cell phone use of any kind, whether for calling, texting or surfing the web, is to be avoided while behind the wheel. Drivers should also refrain from eating, applying makeup, fiddling with their audio system and reaching into the backseat. Even letting one's mind wander is a form of distracted driving.

A driver is also advised to know their vehicle's limitations. Old tires and brakes will increase stopping distance, and poor maintenance can affect a vehicle's steering, handling, acceleration and stopping power. Vehicles that sit higher up are less capable of handling turns at high speeds. Furthermore, drivers should be aware of their disposition before driving. They should not drive after drinking. If they are drowsy, they should pull over for a nap. Additionally, drivers should be extra cautious at night and in bad weather.

Many drivers cause accidents because they speed, ignore road signs and traffic signals and ride too closely on other vehicles. Others fail to be defensive drivers. One should therefore be aware of blind spots, always look past the car in front and keep both hands at the wheel.

If a negligent driver causes an accident, the victim might be able to receive compensation for medical bills, vehicle damage and other losses. This means filing an injury claim. To help with the process, the victim could hire a lawyer to show that the defendant was negligent. Legal counsel can negotiate for the maximum settlement possible, litigating if the auto insurance company refuses to pay out.

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