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August 2018 Archives

Tips for safe driving during the school year

When school is in session in Louisiana, drivers need to be more careful about their actions behind the wheel. The same goes for holiday seasons when traffic gets heavy. The following are just a few basic tips on how to drive safely in both situations. The first tip is to avoid distracting behavior. Not only calling and texting, but also eating and adjusting the radio will take one's eyes off the road.

Study finds semi-autonomous vehicles make dangerous mistakes

Louisiana motorists shouldn't trust the electronic driver assist systems on their semi-autonomous vehicles, according to a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Apparently, the systems may have difficulty identifying stopped vehicles and could even steer distracted drivers into an accident.

Simple ways to avoid car accidents

Louisiana drivers will want to consider the following tips so that they can avoid car accidents in the future. After all, many accidents can arise out of one's own negligence. The first tip is to always concentrate on driving. Cell phone use of any kind, whether for calling, texting or surfing the web, is to be avoided while behind the wheel. Drivers should also refrain from eating, applying makeup, fiddling with their audio system and reaching into the backseat. Even letting one's mind wander is a form of distracted driving.

Summer leads to more car crashes and brain injuries

There are more car crashes in Louisiana and elsewhere during the summer than during any other time of the year. This is because school breaks and warm weather encourage more people to hit the road, which can lead to more collisions. Unfortunately, more car accidents mean more traumatic brain injuries.