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Truck crashes: common causes and injuries

On average, there are over 500,000 truck accidents every year in America. In 2015, 4,300 trucks were involved in fatal accidents. One thing to remember about these accidents is that it is usually the occupants of the smaller passenger vehicles who incur the fatalities. Louisiana drivers should be aware of the most common causes of truck crashes are and what types of injuries they lead to.

Commercial truckers transport over 70 percent of all shipped goods in the U.S., and sometimes they are pressured into breaking hours-of-service regulations in order to meet deadlines. This often results in driver fatigue and drowsiness, an all too common factor in accidents. Sleep apnea, heart conditions and other signs of ill health also contribute. Truckers can become distracted by their smartphones or by something outside. Adverse weather, debris on the road and poor truck maintenance round out the list of causes.

The impact of a truck collision can send the other vehicle's occupants into the window, steering wheel and dashboard. This will result in head wounds, brain injuries and internal bleeding. A rear-end collision will almost always end in whiplash or some other neck injury. The nerves of the spinal cord could also be damaged, and a disc could become herniated. Furthermore, there are the more widespread fractures, cuts and puncture wounds.

After an 18-wheeler truck collision, a victim can see a lawyer about filing a claim. This will require them to prove that the trucker was negligent. For example, by breaking federal safety regulations, overloading cargo or being guilty of a moving violation. A lawyer could hire a team of professionals who will obtain the police report and, if necessary, reconstruct the crash. The lawyer can then negotiate with the trucking company's own team of lawyers for an informal monetary settlement, litigating if an agreement cannot be made.

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