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Pedestrian fatalities have dramatically increased

Pedestrian deaths in traffic accidents have increased in Louisiana and in the rest of the U.S. The increase in deaths has happened even as car manufacturers have added many new safety features to their vehicles. Experts believe that the increase in pedestrian fatalities can be attributed to driver distraction rather than to the vehicles.

According to the chair of the Detroit College of Creative Studies' transportation design program, car manufacturers have made a number of changes to cars to make them safer. These changes include adding additional space under the hood for more cushioning and lowering bumpers. These changes help in accidents because the bumpers strike lower on people's bodies and propel them upward instead of striking them in the chest area or knocking them down under the vehicles.

Despite these and other changes, pedestrian deaths have skyrocketed by 46 percent since 2009. Other traffic fatalities have increased by 11 percent. Experts point to distraction as the reason for the increase in pedestrian deaths. Drivers who are distracted by their cellphones or other electronics in their vehicles may strike pedestrians. Likewise, pedestrians who are engrossed in their cellphones may step in front of oncoming cars.

When fatal pedestrian accidents are caused by distracted drivers, the families may want to consult with personal injury lawyers who accept wrongful death cases. The attorneys may assess what happened and explain whether the cases might be successful. If the lawyers agree to accept the cases, they may work to identify all of the potential sources of recovery so that their clients may be compensated for their losses. Wrongful death lawsuits may help families hold the people who are responsible for their loved ones' deaths accountable for their negligent actions. Attorneys might be able to negotiate fair settlements or litigate the matters through trials and verdicts.

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