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CVSA to inspect truck brakes during Brake Safety Week

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be holding its annual Brake Safety Week from September 16 to 22, so truckers and drivers of other commercial motor vehicles in Louisiana will want to make sure their brakes were installed correctly and are properly maintained. Defective or out-of-adjustment brakes can endanger other drivers by increasing stopping distance.

Most of the inspections will be Level I inspections: these 37-step inspections cover both mechanical fitness and driver operating requirements. Various issues, from missing parts to worn rotors to mismatched air chamber sizes, will be checked for. The CVSA will be placing out of service any vehicles that violate one or the other requirements. In those jurisdictions where performance-based brake testing equipment is used, inspectors will measure braking efficiency.

For the best results, law enforcement agencies will be working hard to educate drivers, mechanics, the owners of truck fleets and others on how important properly maintained brake systems are to the success of Brake Safety Week. During last year's brake inspection spree (Brake Inspection Day), 14 percent of vehicles that were inspected were put out of service.

Brake-related violations, unfortunately, made up the majority of violations during the CVSA's 2017 International Roadcheck. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that over 32 percent of large trucks with pre-crash violations had brake problems.

When bad brakes or other defective truck components are to blame for an accident, the trucking company may be held responsible for the damages incurred by the other side. Accident survivors might benefit from speaking with a lawyer, while those who die can be represented by a family member or eligible dependent. For a successful injury claim or wrongful death suit, the lawyer may decide to hire professionals to gather proof and then negotiate for a fair settlement. If unsuccessful, the victim could discuss whether litigation is a good idea.

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