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July Fourth is among the deadliest holidays

Louisiana residents who are planning to do something special for the Fourth of July weekend should be careful on the road. According to Esurance and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, this holiday is the deadliest for American motorists. There are more fatal car crashes on Independence Day than on any other day; roughly 40 percent of all highway fatalities between 2007 and 2011 were caused by drunk drivers over the July Fourth weekend.

Intoxicated driving is not the only problem that drivers have to face. Simply traveling to a friend's home or some other location for a party could involve taking unfamiliar routes, which can affect driving behavior. AAA estimates that between June 30 and July 4 of this year, 37.5 million Americans will be traveling at least 50 miles as part of the festivities.

Unfortunately, the dangers don't end with just the road. Whenever the holiday celebrations involve fireworks, people are at a risk for burn injuries, especially to the hands, fingers and eyes. The head, face and ears are also vulnerable to debilitating, though usually not fatal, injuries from defective fireworks.

Food poisoning also becomes an issue since many people celebrate Independence Day with barbecues. Undercooked meat can contain salmonella and other harmful bacteria. Alcohol poisoning is common as well. Lastly, people should be careful to avoid swimming accidents, such as by monitoring children and providing lifejackets to inexperienced swimmers.

Those who suffer any of the above injuries may be eligible for compensation. For example, an injury caused on another person's property could lead to a premises liability claim while a crash caused by a negligent driver can give rise to an accident claim. It's important to get legal assistance before filing. Accident attorneys can utilize a network of professionals to find proof of negligence before proceeding to negotiations with the applicable auto insurance companies.

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