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Unique marital challenges entrepreneurs face

A common statistic is that upward of 50 percent of marriages end up failing. A lot of research has been done on the correlation between divorce rates and a person's choice of employment. One area where no hard figures have been compiled is divorce rates for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs have a unique challenge. Unlike a regular employee, the success or failure of their businesses likely sits on their shoulders. This has led to some individuals feeling that work has interfered with their marriages. There has been some speculation that a higher number of entrepreneurs get divorced than people in other professions.

Entrepreneurs often need to borrow money or invest their own finances into their ventures. When their businesses are not producing, or when finances become tight, it can cause serious strain to entrepreneurs' marriages. This is especially the case when an entrepreneur has put up things like the family's home as collateral and it seems as if there is a risk of the collateral being lost.

Entrepreneurs are usually not afraid of risk. Interestingly, many find themselves married to individuals who are more risk-averse. This can create a shaky foundation in the marriage from its inception.

When something traumatic happens, such as a car accident, personal injury or another situation that leads to either spouse being incapacitated, the financial strain of dealing with that stress as well as the emotional strain of the situation can bring the marriage to its breaking point.

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