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Operation Safe Driver Week begins July 15

Drivers throughout Louisiana will want to be more conscious about any behavior they engage in behind the wheel that could be considered unsafe. From July 15 to 21, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be hosting its annual Operation Safe Driver Week across the nation. Enforcement personnel will be cracking down on all instances of unsafe driving, from speeding to following too closely on other vehicles to making improper lane changes.

The Operation Safe Driver Program was created by the CVSA as a way to prevent highway injuries and deaths through increased enforcement. A study from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that unsafe driving is the leading cause of all highway crashes. It contributes to 93 percent of crashes involving passenger vehicles and 88 percent of crashes with large trucks.

Nearly 39,000 citations were issued in last year's Operation Safe Driver Week. These were mostly for local and state moving violations, such as neglecting to wear a seat belt, disobeying traffic control devices and using a phone while driving. Just 18 truck drivers were cited for driving either while drowsy or while ill, and 86 were issued warnings. This may be surprising considering that many believe drowsy driving is a major problem in the commercial trucking industry.

When truck accidents lead to injury or death, the victims or the dependents may be able to file for compensatory damages. This would include medical expenses (or pre-death medical bills) and vehicle damage as well as lost income or loss of support. In most cases, it would be a good idea to retain a lawyer. In the effort to gather proof of the trucker's negligence or recklessness, the lawyer could have the crash investigated and the work log checked.

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