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Texting and driving peaks at rush hour, study shows

Drivers distracted by text messages are always a threat on Louisiana highways. According to recently collected data, it appears that peak driving times are typically when there is the highest number of distracted drivers on the road.

According to data collected by the mobile app Drivermode, the volume of texting and driving is at its peak between 5 and 6 p.m. Analysts came to this conclusion by reviewing data collected from over 177,000 drivers over the course of one year. During that time the researchers collected 6.5 million instances of a driving sending or receiving a text message. The busiest times of the day include hours between 4 and 6 p.m. In fact, 22% of all text messages are sent in that two-hour window.

Texting is much heavier in the afternoon commute as opposed to the morning commute. The analysts with Drivermode attribute this to commuter attitudes. Many drivers seek to listen to the radio or other forms of entertainment in the morning. In the afternoon, however, many drivers are communicating with loved ones to coordinate meals, errands, and other end-of-the-day issues. According to the data, half of all messages are done through standard SMS texts, with Facebook messenger being the second most popular option.

Distracted driving represents a major threat to everyone on the road. An individual injured in a collision caused by a distracted driver may have a claim for monetary damages including medical bills, pain and suffering, and vehicle repair bills. An attorney with experience in personal injury law may be able to help that individual recover those damages by filing a lawsuit, requesting answers to discovery, and taking the case to a jury trial. In some cases, an attorney may be able to negotiate a monetary settlement with the responsible party of their insurance company.

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