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Driving in bright sunlight

Drivers in Louisiana are frequently affected by weather conditions. Drivers may make poor decisions while operating a vehicle during snowstorms and rainstorms. However, sunny weather also poses safety hazards to drivers because the sun's glare can blind a driver. A driver experiencing temporary vision impairment caused by bright sunlight can easily cause a car crash. In 2017, a study revealed that early morning sunlight causes more car accidents than during other times of the day.

A driver can literally become blinded by the sun's glare; bright sunlight can make it impossible to see through the windshield. The danger is even more apparent during periods when heavy traffic prevails on major highways. Even though it is impossible to prevent glare, a driver can take precautions to ensure safer driving conditions.

Drivers should keep the windshield clean at all times. It is more difficult to see through a dirty windshield when the sun is bright. Even a few dead bugs or dirt from the road can cause a serious car accident. Drivers should not break the speed limit but should drive at slower speeds during bright sunlight. Driving closely behind another vehicle should also be avoided. People should buy a pair of sunglasses that filters out UV rays and eliminates glare as well as pull down the sun visor to aid visibility. If all else fails, drivers can steer the vehicle to the side of the road until glare is gone.

Preventive driving may help drivers avert car accidents caused by the sun's glare. If a person is injured by a driver affected by bright sunlight, the victim may wish to contact a personal injury car accident lawyer. Filing a timely lawsuit might result in receiving monetary compensation.

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