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Autonomous vehicles and human behavior

Louisiana drivers concerned about road safety when they are sharing the roads with autonomous vehicles should be aware that the cars may not be very safe due to their programming that compels them to drive as humans would. These findings come from a computer science professor who conducts research that is sponsored by both the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Standards and Technology that addresses cyber-physical systems designs created to ensure how the systems will behave.

According to the professor, complications arise with autonomous vehicles because the companies that are manufacturing them use humans to instruct how the cars should self-drive. Because humans are prone to mistakes, the autonomous vehicles are likely to make the very same mistakes humans do when they drive.

The professor further states that the autonomous industry is attempting to provide a humanlike driving experience without sacrificing guaranteed safety. However, it is the humanlike driving behavior of the autonomous vehicles that make them safety risks.

He asserts that autonomous vehicles should only be allowed to travel at the speed at which they are able to stop within their vision range. If an obstruction unexpectedly appears, the vehicles should be traveling at a speed that allows for an immediate stop.

The driving expectations for humans and autonomous vehicles are significantly different. When humans are responsible for accidents, it is not unexpected. However, when autonomous vehicles are at fault, the entire autonomous vehicle industry will be impacted.

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