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International Roadcheck slated for June

Commercial truck drivers in Louisiana probably know about the International Roadcheck, an annual inspection spree conducted nationwide over the course of three days in order to enforce commercial truck and bus safety guidelines. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has scheduled the 2018 International Roadcheck for June 5 to June 7 and has stated that its special focus this year will be on hours-of-service compliance.

This comes in the wake of the electronic logging device mandate that the U.S. Department of Transportation instituted in December 2017. Though the ELD mandate has not changed hours-of-service regulations, it has put special attention on them. In particular, ELDs prevent truckers from falsifying their logs, so violations are more easily detected.

In the 2017 International Roadcheck, hours-of-service violations and brake safety violations were among the top reasons why drivers were issued out-of-service orders. Out of the more than 63,000 drivers who were stopped for inspection in 2017, 15,000 received these orders, of which 12,000 were for vehicle-related violations and 3,000 for driver-related.

In this event, an average of 15 trucks are inspected every minute across the nation. This year, the inspectors will be conducting Level I inspections: the most thorough inspection possible, as they examine both vehicle-related violations and driver actions.

All too often, truck drivers endanger others on the road by working longer than the regulations allow and thus becoming victims of fatigue. When truck driver fatigue is to blame for a collision, people who are injured might want to meet with their attorney to see if they can assist in negotiating a settlement with the trucking company's insurer.

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