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How to report an accident in a timely manner

If a Louisiana resident gets into a car accident, that person has a decision to make as to whether to report it. In some cases, the damage to the vehicle is roughly equal to the deductible on that driver's insurance policy. That may result in a driver paying the cost of repairs and dealing with increased auto insurance premiums. However, a driver may want to report the accident even if it was not his or her fault.

A claim may need to be made to both the victim's insurance company as well as with the other driver's. In the event that a person wants to take legal action after a car accident, it may be worthwhile to report the accident to an insurance company. Injured victims may also want to take note of any relevant statutes of limitation.

In most cases, individuals involved in a car accident have a certain number of months or years to file a suit from the date of the wreck. Those who are liable for damages related to an accident will be required to report it to their insurance companies. Anyone who has questions as to whether to report a crash or when to report it should talk directly to their auto insurance agent for more details.

If a careless or inattentive driver causes an automobile crash, it may be possible to take legal action against that person. As a result of settlement talks or a formal lawsuit, injured victims may receive compensation for their medical bills and related costs. This compensation may be used to recover lost wages or future earnings. Examples of negligent driving may include driving too fast for road conditions or talking on a cell phone prior to the accident taking place.

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